Serie de record de Djokovic => McEnroe la juge meilleure que la sienne

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Les faits

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  • McEnroe avait réussi une série de victoires de 42 victoires en 1984
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Le jugement de McEnroe

Pour lui la série de Djokovic est plus impressionnante que la sienne.

“Given that there’s more competition, more athleticism and deeper fields now, I’d say his record is even more impressive than mine,” “Especially given that in 1984, the major in Australia was played at the end of the year, whereas he had to win it.
I was coming into my first Grand Slam of the year at the French, where the streak was broken. So things are different. Also, he came into the year at No. 3 and to be able to dominate the way he has, well, to put it mildly, it’s been quite amazing to see what he’s done and how much more confidently he’s playing.”

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Quand on sait comment la série de McEnroe s’est terminé (défaite face à Lendl en finale de Roland Garros alors qu’il menait 2 sets à 0), on ne peut se dire que Big Mac aurait pu largement aller plus loin. Et quoi qu’il en dise sa série est quand même très très impressionnante.

Le Toucan

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