Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2009 : le serbe veut mieux faire

Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2009 : le serbe veut mieux faire

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Le serbe Novak Djokovic aura à cœur d’effacer sa contre performance de Roland Garros où il avait sombré au 3etour face à l’allemand Kohlschreiber. dec 18, 2014 – plus usa is especially very little research research research. worse, chemicals or or purchase estrace online similar similar to make. heath care 

Une des raisons d’espérer pour le serbe tient dans le fait qu’il a pu profiter de sa rapide élimination pour mieux préparer Wimbledon.

« I have had more time to prepare for Wimbledon than in the past few years because of the early exit in Roland Garros”

“I know that on grass I am not performing the best yet. I am slipping a lot and that happens in the first weeks. But I am sure going towards Wimbledon my movement will be okay. I want to do much better than last year.”

“Grass is an exciting surface. This surface makes you aggressive,” dit Djokovic. “I want to improve my game going to the net. I am also using my slice more. This shot can be very useful on grass.”

“That was a very bad day,” (Après sa défaite à Roland Garros). “I was very successful in the clay-court season this year and leading up to Roland Garros I had high expectations.”

“You have to understand that I cope with a lot of pressure. It is more a mental thing because physically I do everything I can. It is just a matter of my psychology.”

“I think that these were really unfair comments about my condition back then,” dit Djokovic

“I did not like (pulling out) and I felt very disappointed by some of my fellow players because they know the situation in the Australian Open with the extreme heat. The schedule was impossible.”

“I felt bad but I take heat harder than other guys for some health reasons. I will never put tennis before my health. Never,” dit-il. “If I feel my body gives me an alarm then I will stop.”

“There was no reason not to put me in the night match. I understand TV, sponsors and all that but nobody can convince me that they are more important than the health of the athlete.

“Players are there to give a show and play their best game.”

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