Nadal US OPEN 2009 : déclarations avant la sortie du tableau

Nadal US OPEN 2009 : déclarations avant la sortie du tableau

Rafa Nadal aimerait bien gagner le seul grand chelem qu’il n’a pas à son palmarès : l’ US OPEN !

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“I think I came to New York much better than expected. I am very happy to be back competing in this city and will train the best I can so that I can start the tournament with the best possible preparations, then we’ll see what happens.”

“I am No.3 in the world. And the No.3 in the world should have a chance to win, no?” a dit Nadal, “But I don’t know if I arrived in my best condition.”

“After an injury, sure, you think about it a little bit,” “But I am much better, I feel.”

“It’s a very special tournament. I’ve won the other three Grand Slams, so if I win this one it’s going to be a complete cycle,” . “It would be amazing.”

Le Toucan

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