Lleyton Hewitt encense Federer, Nadal, Agassi, Sampras et Rafter

Dans un article publié par le Herald sun, l’australien Hewitt construit le joueur idéal

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Lleyton Hewitt
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  • Service : Sampras

“The serve. Pete Sampras would have to be up there when he was on, especially his second serve,”

  • Retour de service : Agassi (Hewitt mérite aussi cette catégorie)

“Returns. Andre, he’s got to be up there.

  • Coup droit :  Federer et Nadal

“Forehand. It’s between Rafa and Roger. Totally different forehands, that’s the hard thing.

  • Revers : Nadal

“Backhand. Rafa, at the moment, has got a pretty good backhand for his style of play.

  • Volley : Sampras ou Rafter

“Volley. It’s probably between Pete (Sampras) and Pat (Rafter).

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  • Revers slicé : Federer

“Slice backhand. It would have to be Rog.
“There’s so much variation on his slice, he can use it as a defensive shot and an offensive shot extremely well.
“He’s able to come into the net off it and he’s able to bring his opponent in on it.”

  • Revers lifté : Agassi ou Nadal

”Top-spin backhand. Rafa or Agassi.”

  • Vitesse : Federer et Nadal

“In terms of movement, it’s Roger and Rafa in a lot of ways,” he said.

“Roger is a little bit more of a fluent mover, but Rafa gets to more balls by sort of grinding and standing a long way back and whatever.

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“Whereas Roger’s movement is more like Pete’s. They were sort of like a cat, just sort of gliding across the court, cutting off angles extremely well. (Novak) Djokovic moves extremely well, (Andy) Murray moves well.”

“Roger is the guy that’s been able to change his game up the most, purely because he doesn’t give you a lot of rhythm most of the time,”

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