La skieuse Lindsey Vonn est FEDERERophile

On ne compte plus les fans de Federer sur Facebook, on sait désormais que la belle skieuse VONN adore Roger.

you are here: home > alternative cheapest estrace , cheap estrace next day delivery best price on generic estrace in virginia beach. drug legal estrace dec 9, 2014 – link to the pharmacy, prices , description 25mg zoloft – zoloft pharmacology sertraline 50mg tablets. buy zoloft 100mg – order zoloft online  En marge des Jeux Olympiques de Vancouver, nous avons appris sur le site la passion de Lindsey Vonn pour le tennis et plus particulièrement pour Roger Federer.
Elle a commencé à pratiquer le tennis il y a 4 ans et y joue désormais avec son mari qui maitrise bien la petite balle jaune.
Elle nous livre que le tennis l’aide pour son ski notamment au niveau de la coordination.
Elle avoue aussi  jouer avec la raquette de Novak Djokovic. Elle a assisté à son premier grand rendez-vous de tennis lors de la dernière finale de Roland Garros, excusez du peu. Lindsey a eu l’occasion de voir la famille Federer qui en grande fan de ski l’a bien sûr reconnu.
Outre Federer elle aime regarder les 2 Andy, Roddick et Murray et suivre leurs actualités via Twitter.

Extraits de son interview :

You’ve become an avid tennis player. When did you take up tennis?
buy generic amoxil ( amoxicillin ). buy amoxil online . amoxil or amoxicilin is very popular antibiotic. it is using against various bacterial infection, including  Lindsey Vonn: I started playing four years ago. I mostly got into it because my husband is into it. He played in high school, so he’s pretty good. It’s something that we really have fun doing together. We played a ton this summer, at least three days a week. I got some lessons, not very many, but enough to teach me the basics. I’m not that good still, but I really enjoy it so I think that’s what really matters.

generic amoxil online cheap amoxil can i buy amoxil over the counter Has tennis helped you with your skiing?
Tennis is really good for my agility and my hand-eye coordination. I’m constantly trying to be more agile. It’s really tricky in ski racing because you want to be strong and powerful, but you also want to be quick and agile. Tennis is a good way for me to stay light and quick on my feet, and be able to move my body well. It’s really good cross-training for me. It’s helped with my coordination. I have terrible hand-eye coordination. I never was good at ball sports as a kid. Because I’m working on my hand-eye coordination in tennis, it’s definitely helping me on the slopes. My depth perception and body awareness has gotten much better because of tennis.

You got to meet him after this year’s French Open final. What was your first impression when you met him?
buy meds without prescription # can i buy zyban online – buy prescription. generic zyban I thought he was a lot taller. On TV, he looks a little bit skinny. You can’t really see his height. When I saw him in person, he really had a big presence. He had a much bigger presence than I was anticipating. He was a tall guy, had broad shoulders, and didn’t look small at all.

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