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Ank: Hi Mats! I was wondering what do you think about Justine Henin’s retirement and what are the reasons for this sudden decision?

Wilander: It’s strange to stop like that, even stranger to stop before Roland Garros and Wimbledon, which she has never won. It’s true though she was under a lot of stress. Not all the time, but you knew she had a lot of stress sometimes on the court.

I don’t agree with the decision. As a number one, you don’t really have an obligation to keep on playing, but all the people who support you, spectators, sponsors, and those who are close to you deserve to see you play a bit more even if it’s a struggle. But there are so many players nowadays who don’t play for the right reason.

I mean, it is sad because we’re losing a PLAYER. Justine is the original one in terms of style, along with Amélie Mauresmo. She could play any shots, with fluidity that is only seen on the men’s tour now. We need another player to compete with the style of game that Maria Sharapovaand the Williams’ sisters incorporate.

Justine being out of the tour and the tournament is also a major blow for competition. It’s dangerous for the sponsors, for the balance or the tour, but it also opens the draw here in Roland Garros.

Nino B: How do you explain players retiring from matches due to sore throat or something else? Do you agree or not that such attitude from upcoming top players is spoiling tennis a bit?

Wilander: Some retirements are valid, others are not. But there’s a big difference between now and my era. We weren’t playing the same way, with the same expectations. Today is much more scientific. Athletes are much stronger, but they are also much more sensitive. When something’s wrong with their body, they get worried quicker. They don’t want to be far away too long from the tour because of injury because they know how hard it is to come back.

JA: The race for number one is getting really close this year. Who do you think will be number one by the end of the year? Do you think that Djokovic will overtake Nadal as number two and if so when?

Wilander: I don’t care. Why? Because I know they are going to catch Federer. What would be interesting would be to ask who will overtake Federer, Nadal or Djokovic?

Joe: Nadal’s way of playing too exhausting, he won’t last, will he?

Wilander: Nadal makes his brain work more than buy amoxil online, symptome amoxil 1gr, amoxicillin 1g pdf. his legs. There’s no problem for him with his way of playing, he can play like that all his career. He might have problems with his body (foot, etc…), but it’s not linked with his game directly.

Tut NIchts Z: What do you think about doping in tennis?

Wilander: Doping is an issue for any sport. But I think tennis is less exposed because it’s a small family. It’s not "cool" to be taking anything, even if you didn’t mean for it to make you more competitive. I know this from my own experience.

Roman h: What do you think about Czech number oneThomas Berdych?

Wilander: I think he’s a really bright player and that he has underachieved. I also think he hasn’t a got a winner’s mentality yet.

Holger K: What was your most memorable match?

Wilander: Losing toYannick Noahin the final of the French Open 25 years ago. You know, I even went to his party on the night of the match.

Karin S: What does the Hamburg Masters final say about Federer’s chances of beating Nadal in Paris?.

Wilander: Roger Federer is getting more pieces of the puzzle together. He can now play the perfect game to beat Nadal for an hour. It’s not enough, but compared to what he did last year, he improved a lot. Last year, in the French final he played 10 minutes, I mean 10 minutes if you gathered up all of the important moments of the final.

Roger has to learn to be more patient now. In Paris, it is not time to try something radically different as I said last time, but to play the right shot at the right time. He knows he can finish points at purchase discount medication! buy zoloft 50mg . instant shipping, order zoloft online no prescription. the net, but in Hamburg he went there too early. While in Paris last year he had opportunities to go to the net but didn’t, he tried this tactic too early in Hamburg. He may have to wait 25 shots before going to the net, but when he can go, then he mustn’t hesitate and really GO!

He said Nadal was struggling more than usual physically because of stress? And then Nadal took the last set in Hamburg 6-2. That shows he’s trying to get confidence out of anywhere he can.

The main thing is about confidence. He must have been hurt by his last two losses. He was leading 4-0 in Monte-Carlo, he was leading 5-1 in Hamburg, then lost both sets and matches. It’s hard to know what he feels. He’s alone there. He knows he can level the game, but he lost again twice. Because it’s not a matter of shot making, we all know Federer’s ability on that subject, but of tactics.

What I can say about the situation is that the better tactics before the match are the better your confidence is. If you know exactly what to do and adapt it while you play to the moment, then your confidence will be boosted.

We reach the limit of what we know about Federer. We know he’s trying hard, but what we don’t know is that he might have also thought in Hamburg: "Well, I tried to go to the net, it didn’t work, so maybe it’s not the right dapoxetine 60 mg online in india dapoxetine and sildenafil tablets buy dapoxetine online solution…"

Pulp: What do you think about the future of serve-volley and what a player like Stefan Edberg would achieve if he was playing now?

Wilander: Anyone who was one of the best athletes of his time would adapt to the condition of another era. Stefan Edberg would beat a lot of players nowadays because no one can play the way he did. But he would also struggle more because players are far better passing-shots makers.

What is sad today, we said that earlier about the women’s tour, is that we have the feeling there is only one way to play. One model for parents to teach children who start to play. That comes from teachers who are obsessed with "feeding" young players with balls. We are losing the transition part of the game. We understood it when Agassi was playing. His image did as much positive for tennis as his purchase discount medication! buy dapoxetine online uk . instant shipping, cheap dapoxetine. game did negative, playing on the baseline that way, never stepping forward. You can’t play tennis like that!

Athletes should be able to play many different sports when they’re young. I could play hockey and football when I was young. Now you need to spend your time training doing the same movements. They should play more points. That’s how you learn tactics. This is what is happening in Sweden.

Sweden hasn’t got more talented players at the top because we’re just back to normal. We’re a small country of welcome to our accredited canadian pharmacy with a team of experienced and licens
ed pharmacists. buy dapoxetine powder . the best pharmacy shop on the  9 millions inhabitants, and we can’t produce more players with the way that everybody is playing now.

Fatiha: What do you think about Guillermo Coria’s return?

Wilander: He proved recently that he could overcome his serve problem. It must have taken him a lot to come back from where he was. I have a lot of respect for his return. You must have guts to come back after being so low.

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