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Tiré d’une interview de Roger Federer sur le site aptworldtour

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Hi Roger, I see from your old photos that you were once a ball kid. How has this kind of experience helped you in your career?
I remember very well when I was a ball kid at my home tournament in Basel. It was such a great experience to be able to see the very best players so close and learn from them, so that was important for me in my early stages.

If you hadn’t chosen to play tennis, what would you have done? You said maybe in six years time that you would retire, have you ever thought about what you want to do after that? Do you want your twin daughters to be tennis players some day?
I still want to play tennis for a few years; I would like my daughters to see me play now they are too young. I think I will be involved in tennis in some way in the future but it is early to think about that, I still have a lot of things that I would like to achieve. I liked soccer very much when I was young, so I could have become a professional player in soccer.

You were the five-time defending champion at Wimbledon and the US Open, which is more valuable or means more to you?
They are both incredible achievements. Wimbledon is obviously such a great event, so special and my first title. But what I did in New York is also very remarkable and important for me.

You have completed the career Grand Slam and have had a fabulous career. Many have questioned if you are still motivated, or if you want to retire. You have stated many times you continue being motivated and passionate for the tennis. So, I want to ask where the momentum comes from. Love of tennis or your happy family? Nowadays, for you, is playing tennis a kind of enjoyment above competitive sport itself?
I love tennis and it is not difficult to be motivated, I always want to be the best I can be. Having a family now and having my wife and daughters travelling with me everywhere, it contributes to me having a balanced life.

China is a place you are familiar with. Is there anything else about China you want to learn? Can you compare the rise of Chinese women’s tennis with Chinese men’s tennis? And I want to let you know that you have billions of fans in China! Thank you!
I love playing in China; I played my first year-end event in 2002 and kept coming back. I would love to learn a few words in Chinese, I love speaking languages. The Chinese women have already made their mark at the top level and I am sure that the men will have more and more success. It is just a matter of time and experience.

Hi Roger, the standard of men’s tennis keeps rising. How do you keep focussed and in control on key points, especially when opponents get two, even three break points? At those moments your fans may be much more nervous than you are. Thank you.
You can never lose your focus or get down on yourself; you always have to stay strong no matter what the score is. Competition doesn’t get any easier.

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Paul is a very nice guy and he’s very calm and has experience as a player as well as a coach. It is good to hear a different, fresh opinion on how I need to handle myself both from a tactical and a mental standpoint.

buy estrace vaginal cream without prescription similar posts: buy atenolol without prescription . trackbacks from: buy augmentin without prescription . Could you describe a typical day in your life, on a match day and on a day you don’t have a match? For example, when will you get up, have breakfast, train, go to bed and have other entertaining activities?
It is a normal life when I am away from tournaments, I need to practise and work on my fitness but I get to spend more time with my family which is fantastic. Luckily they travel with me so whenever I have a break from my tournament routine, I am with them.

As one of the greatest players, do you also care about the younger generation? At the moment there are up and coming players such as Ryan Harrison, Kei Nishikori, Devin Britton, even Marton Fucsovics, and so on. Do you think one of them will have chance to be the “best player” one day?
Yes, for sure those players will be at the top one day. It is probably a bit more difficult to break through now because the game has become more physical and players reach the top at a slightly older age than before.

We often write to you , and sometimes we receive replies (with signed picture)from you. I want to ask do you sometimes really read some letters from fans. Do you think they are helpful?
I like to read what my fans write, especially on my Facebook page. I wish I could read and respond to them all! Of course it is important to have their support and I do appreciate the fact that I have been voted the fans’ favourite player on the ATP web site the past few years.

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