Exclusif : interview de Jo Wilfried TSONGA

Extrait d’une interview qui sera diffusée dans l’émission OPEN COURT sur CNN International

Pour l’édition de septembre, Open Court suit les joueurs français de l’US Open :
Gaël Monfils, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Gilles Simon et Richard Gasquet

Rendez-vous avec Gaël Monfils, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Gilles Simon et Richard Gasquet, meilleurs joueurs masculins français du tournoi, souvent associés aux Quatre Mousquetaires qui ont dominé le monde du tennis dans les années 1920.

Les Mousquetaires des « temps modernes » se connaissent depuis l’adolescence et discutent de leur coopération, ainsi que de leur désir de jouer ensemble notamment lors de la prochaine Coupe Davis où ils représenteront l’équipe de France.

Puis, Open Court emmène les téléspectateurs à Toronto pour une rencontre inédite avec Stacey Allaster, présidente de la WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

Enfin, l’émission se rend dans les coulisses du stade de l’US Open, l’Arthur Ashe Stadium, avec Murphy Jensen (vainqueur du tournoi double hommes à Roland Garros en 1993).

L’émission Open Court est disponible en VOST sur la catch up TV de Free (Canal 84).

Durée : 30 minutes

Dates et horaires de diffusion : doxycycline malaria prophylaxis doxycycline rosacea dosage doxycycline without prescription
• Jeudi 15 septembre à 11h30 et 19h30
• Samedi 17 septembre à 8h30 et 17h
• Dimanche 18 septembre à 9h30 et 20h30


What are your highlights? Are they the Australian Open and your victory over Federer at Wimbledon?

I think but also Bercy where I won the tournament. It was big for me because it was in France. All my family and all my friend were there to support me.

What about the grand slam final?

I was really surprised because I was like 39 in the world and it was one of my first major and I beat Nadal in semi’s. It was just magic for me. It was really good moment.

How was it like, beating Federer at Wimbledon?

When you play against Roger, everything is going so fast extraconceptions trusted rx pharmacy. buy levitra now . erection pills online. buy cheap zoloft online buy zoloft brand online order zoloft online canada buy zoloft medication buy zoloft generic online buy sertraline online uk buy generic  . The guy plays so fast that it’s difficult to manage the score. Sometimes the guy break you at the beginning of the set and then it’s 6-1, 6-0 in ten minutes. Then in the third set, I break him. Maybe it was a bit of luck, and then I begin to play really hard and I did it finally. It was just really good and I hope I will have some good moments like this in the future.

What about the dancing at the Wimbledon?

You know after every win, I am just so to be here. I tried to enjoy every moment in my life, every minute, every second. So moment like this, I want to share it with all the people I like. That’s it. I mean, we are here on this earth to share with other people. Without the crowd, without people around me, I’m nobody. That’s why I like this kind of moment.

Growing up playing in France?

In France, we have a good system because the federation give the possibility to everybody to play as it expensive and the French Federation gives us the possibility to have lessons for free, they give us a lot of support. Me, Gilles, Richard and Gael were detected really early, around 10, 11. So, I have known these guys, now for 16 years. We grow up together in the same academy. Yeah, we have more than tennis in common.

How do you feel when being compared to the musketeers? Does that feel like a compliment?

Yeah, of course, it’s a compliment because they were big champions. For the moment, we are not musketeers online canadian pharmacy store! purchase generic zoloft . express delivery, generic zoloft not working. , because we have to win grand slam and we never did it. So, I hope it will happen, then they will call us musketeers.

Will you get into the top five?

I hope. Actually I play to be in the top 5. I achieved already a lot of things in my career. I had a lot of injury. Now I just play for me and play for the tennis, for the sports. I hope I will join the top five in my career. And also I hope I will win something big.

What do you think when you see the statues of the musketeers?

I just think to be in this place in 100 years.

Which one is more important to you: Roland Garros or Davis Cup for France?

Roland Garros is the best things in tennis for me because it’s in France. It’s a major, always difficult to win because it’s really physical. I mean, for me it’s the best thing; just after, of course, is the Davis Cup. It’s really important for me because I like playing in this team. I like my flag and I think it’s quite the same. But I think Roland Garros is even better.

Davis Cup VS Spain

You know, when I’m close to a big event, I always think I have a chance to achieve something big. And If we play Spain, everybody will bet on Spain, of course. But we have the possibility to play against them. And if the chance of win is this small, we have a chance. This is what keeps me in life. I am alive with this. When you don’t have goal, when you don’t have dream, you are already dead, for me. And this is a dream to win against Spain. So, it’s going to be a big match.

What do you think about Richard Gasquet?

Richard is really talented. I think he improves a lot these past couple of months. He’s tougher in his head and I think he’s going to play well in the future. For him it was really difficult because he was really good really early, and all the pressure was on him order estradiol valerate cost of cream without insurance propecia uk price boots estradiol online uk estradiol gel australia buy estrace online no prescription  . And it’s not easy when you are young. For me it was completely different.

No pressure?

Yeah, no pressure. I was me on the court. And I think he was a bit introvert.

What about Monfils?

Gael seems a crazy guy but he’s not. He’s really smart on the court, he knows exactly what to do. And sometimes you think the guy is lost on the court but he’s not. And he won a lot of match, because of his personality and his mental.

What about Simon?

It’s difficult to play against him. Gilles don’t give you the rhythm. All the time, it’s flat ball, really hard to attack on. And the balls come all the time.

What is it like with those guys off the court?

We are all different because we come from different parts of France.

So we are all different but friends.

Is tennis the only thing you have in common?

We have tennis. For us it’s a passion, I think, and this is why we are friends.

What do you think you have to do to become the new musketeers?

Win the Davis Cup, win the major, and then maybe they will call us musketeers.

When did you first hear about the original musketeers?

Really early because the first time we went to Roland Garros, we did a visit and you can see the statue, all this stuff in Roland Garros. And they talk about them really early.

Is there more pressure for you now?

Not really. Now I am 26. It’s maybe the second part of my career. I feel good on the court and I try to have a positive attitude. And like I said all the time when I am on the court, it’s a chance for me. I had a lot of injury. I was off court a lot of times. Now when I’m on the court every moment is magic. If it’s against Federer, Nadal or I don’t know, another player, I try to enjoy it.

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