Djokovic US OPEN 2010 -> "Sentir l'ombre est comme faire l'amour à ma copine"

Le Djoker a fait parler de lui hier après sa victoire dans le cagnard de Flushing Meadow

Il faisait une chaleur de folie quand Djoko a lutté face à Troicki hier. 109 degrés soit la température qu’il fait à Death Valley…
Djoko a répondu à la question du journaliste qui lui demandait qu’elle était la sensation quand il se mettait à l’ombre.

Q. Did you see the replay or the actual live shot of [Roger Federer’s] tween the legs shot last night?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: No. I’ve seen it live last year passing next to me (smiling). That’s enough traumatic experiences for me. Today when Viktor tried to do the same thing, I said, No, no, please. He was running for the ball between the legs. Please miss it. Please don’t embarrass me again.
Q. As somebody who does very good imitations, is that something you can imitate?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: No, definitely not. I am not as good as he is in that. I’d like to be very careful with my racquet (smiling). You know what I mean.
Q. You made a comment about sleeping with your girlfriend out on the court. What was that analogy to?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I don’t know. He asked me for the comparison of the feeling, what kind of feeling was it to feel the shade. The sun came down and I didn’t have any more heat, what kind of feeling was it. It just came up to me. It’s one of the best feelings, I guess, when you’re sleeping with your close one. So I compare it to that.
Q. Must have felt good.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It felt unbelievable (smiling). Let’s get back to tennis now (laughter).

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US OPEN 2010

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