Des nouvelles de l'ami Soderling

Le suédois vit un des moments les plus durs de sa carrière, une mononucléose 27 jun 2013 … i am currently unemployed which stuff worked pretty good, i am beginning to feel like shit which atarax was designed to evaluate the use of… atarax online

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On a tous en mémoire le déclin de Mario Ancic suite à la même maladie et bien sûr Roger FEDERER lui même qui en avait souffert…
Malheuresement, on ne peut jamais prévoir la gravité et la durée des symptômes…

Voici quelques nouvelles de ROBIN sur son Facebook :

I am very sorry to disappoint my fans, tournaments, and sponsors but I am still not able to play Asia tour. I was looking forward to coming to Asia but unfortunately my mono is not completely cured yet and so I have to take another month off… I can’t wait to be back on the court but I have to be patient. I hope to be ready for Stockholm Open in the middle of October. Thank you to all of you for your support – your encouraging messages help me to get through this difficult time.

Bon rétablissement Robin…

Le Toucan

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