Wimbledon 2017 : Federer atteint sa 11e finale

Alors que Murguruza a terrassé la vieille Williams, Cilic atteint l’ami Federer en finale de Wimbledon !

Wimbledon 2017

Finale de Wimbledon 2017

La finale de Wimbledon 2017 opposera la légende Roger Federer au grand outsider du moment, Marin Cilic.

Parcours de Roger Federer 
Wimbledon 2017

Réactions de Roger

Federer Wimbledon 2017

Réaction de Berdych

”I don’t see anything that would indicate Roger is getting older or anything like that. I think he’s just proving his greatness in our sport,”
“If you look at the other guys who are 35, 36, I think you can very clearly see that the age and the years on tour are affecting them. But not with him.”

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