Master Cup de Londres : Vers un beau Dimitrov – Goffin !

Affiche alléchante entre Dimitrov et Goffin, tombeur de Federer 

Dimitrov vs Goffin

En match de poule, Baby Federer Dimitrov avait découpé Goffin. Mais la victoire du belge contre le maestro Roger Federer lui a redonné beaucoup de confiance avant ce grand rendez-vous !

“Both are really special. It was the first time against Rafa. Then the semi-final for the first time for me here, and to beat Roger for the first time here in such a big event, big tournament, it was the perfect moment,” Goffin said. “Yeah, it is the best win of my career, for sure.”

“The goal was to finish the year top 10. Now I finished 3,” Dimitrov said. “It’s wonderful, a wonderful reward. This is what I’ve been working for… I think it’s not only good for me, I think for the whole team. I think that gives us a very good platform to start in the off-season, yeah, have a good start of next year.”


Le Toucan

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