1 000 victoires sur le circuit pour les frères Bryan

Les frères Bryan sont entrés dans la légende avec cette 1 000e victoire 

Bob and Mike Bryan celebrate their team's 1,000th match win with an over-dimensional traditional Viennese Sacher Cake at the Erste Bank Open 500 in Vienna.

“We’re happy to get 1,000 in Vienna,”
“This is going to be a special city for us until we die. And it’s good to see Thomas Muster, one of our idols, come out. That means a lot, we are honoured to have his presence on the court. We want to thank Herwig, the Tournament Director for having us here at Vienna, very special place, this court is pretty awesome and it’s great to see all the fans here come out. This is going to be very memorable forever for us.”

Le Toucan

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